(Security watchman, officers and operators)







    (Seminary about personal security)

    Vehicle, cycling, motorcycle; conventional and bilingual

    This service consists of a continuous tour that officers do on installations and clients residences in order to prevent stealing and theft. Also, respond to medical emergency calls and any situation in which the client ask for his presence such as car crash, fire, conflictive situations and any other circumstances. This service is recommended for international organizations' executives, corporations, banks, industries and others.

    The main function of the private patrol service is active surveillance, not static, where contingence is not expected but instead, the problem is detected and solved. This service gives immediate response to any unexpected situation that may require assistance from firemen, doctors and personal emergencies from our clients, specially if the client is an international company's executive and his/her family. In this case, patrolling is a key point, foreign people need help when contingency comes up.

    An efficient patrol service must be able to give immediate response to any emergency, even if it is to serve as a translator in case of being needed.

    The patrol officer is required, as a minimum, to look and treating people in a similar standardized level of regional policemen. However, people must understand that he is not a police officer; he can't act as a policemen using his weaponry against thieves. His function is other; he can be called in case of stealing in order to act as a translator with policemen and to serve as a support for them, also coordinating the requirements for emergency attention that the client may have.

    Support needs become more evident in the case of contingency on streets at nights, where uniformed personnel presence means tranquility.

    This service uses different kinds of vehicles, depending on the extension and the characteristics of the zone to cover.

    For urban zones, it is recommended the use of motorcycles during the morning and automobiles during the night. For suburban zones it is strongly recommended the exclusive use of automobiles on any shift. For large industrial plants, internal or perimeter custody can be done exclusively with motorcycles. For medium industrial plants, internal or perimeter custody can be done with bicycles. Patrol officers for internal or perimeter custody of industries can be done individually, but custody in suburban or urban zones, must be done in couples by security reasons.

    Patrol officers also work with inmediate response service, if the alarm systems connected to our operations central are triggered by any reason, our Patrol Officers are going to act, verifying the causes of the alarm activation and emergency corps will be contacted.

    This service fits for the interconnection of your alarm systems with the Main Operations Center at Halseca, Asesores de Seguridad C.A., this allows an inmediate atention in case of any contingency, at the company or in the executive's residences.

    Electronic intruder control systems (thermal or infrared sensors) and fire detectors (ion or infrared), will be controlled by the Closed Circuit TV control room, this CCTV control room is installed in the place of custody where the operator in guard will make use of this system to assess and manage the emergency situation (call for support,etc ).

    In a following minimum period of time, the operator in turn of the CCTV control room must inform about the emergency to the Main Operation Control Center al Halseca, Asesores de seguridad, CA. This period of time is to let the personnel deactivate the system in case of a false alarm.

    When the operator in turn informs about an emergency to the Main Operation Control Center at Halseca, Asesores de seguridad, CA gives information as: type and area of emergency, access doors, if specific support is needed, etc.

    Just like officers, patrol officers have experience working on guard and custody of real state. These officers are oriented to serve with quality and solve risk situations effectively. They have worked with police departments or Army Forces; they are high school graduated or have freshmen education. Additionally they have taken different kinds of courses related to security. Bilingual patrol officers speak perfect English. They work two days during daytime, two days during the night and two days are given for resting. (Three men are required to fulfill 24 hours). Due to these officers' characteristics, they are recommended for exigent services.

    Uniform: The personal wear black jacket, t-shirt, pants and boots.

    Complement supply: The personal must use paralyzer gas, handcuffs, portable radio, and optional weaponry.