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    (Seminary about personal security)

    In prevention of Theft and/or Stealing we offer a wide variety of equipment and devices, designed to satisfy security requirements in industrial, commercial and residential installations, as Theft Centrals, Door-opening detectors, Broken Glasses Detectors, Automatic VoiceMail Systems, and others.

    Theft and steal centrals
    • Theft and/or steal Centrals, 4 programmable zones, console, digital communicator, 4 users code, it allows until 3 consoles (armed and disarmed keyboards).
    • Theft and/or steal Centrals, 8 programmable zones scaling to 32 wired and/or unwired zones, daily until 100 events, communicator incorporated, console programation or remote by software, 15 users code and 15 authorization levels, telephony line supervision .
    • Unwired universal transmisor, alarm transmisor (converts wired sensor to unwired).
    • Hybrid unwired security system, until 8 unwired zones or 4 wired zones in main panel.
    • Integrated access control and security system, 16 modules, 32 read devices, until 1000-access cards capacity.

    Theft and steal sensors
    • PIR 360° detectors for ceiling installation. It Works by detection of the changes in the environment's temperature.
    • Crystal fracture detectors for hardened glasses.
    • Photoelectric two threads smoke detectors and pre-established temperature.
    • PIR detectors, with immunity to domestic animals.
    • Magnetic contacts for doors and windows.
    • Long scope digital PIR detectors.
    • Vibrating devices for glass, walls and iron grids protection.
    • Infrared sensors glass break detectors.
    • Seismic Detectors.
    • Magnetic contact for iron grids.
    • Perimeter Infrared sensors.
    • Electronic siren.
    • Estroboscopic Lights.
    • Unwired deterctors
    • Remote control for central or zones armed/disarmed.

    Systems against fire

    Rapid response to a fire emergency depends on the automatic fire detection systems. We can offer you different systems depending on the specific needs on each building.

    Depending on the nature of the fire, it is necessary the use of a specific extinguish system that let control the fire in an effective way. That is the reason why process for requirement collection is very important at the time of preventing and equipment of the place.
    • Analogic panel, 16 software programmable zones.
    • 20 devices capacity conventional panel of fire alarm.
    • Fire detection digital central. (225 possible zones).
    • Manual stations.
    • Sound difusion.
    • Termal detector.
    • Ionic Detectors
    • Smoke detector. -- photogenic and thermal.
    • Smart smoke detector
    • Smoke detector for ducts.
    • Signaling.

    Access control systems
    • Modular control access with memory key, ideal for being used in door opening systems or other devices that need entry validation.
    • Control access with dual card and keyboards systems. 900 users and/or cards capacity.
    • Magnetic card reader machines.
    • Digital prints reader machines.

    Closed circuit TV
    • Closed Circuit TV cameras (CCTV) , (Black and white and/or color), 380 resolution lines. FromTwico.
    • Closed Circuit TV cameras (CCTV) , (Black and white and/or color), 380 resolution lines. Auto iris. Fabricated by AV-Tech.
    • Closed Circuit TV cameras (CCTV) , (Black and white and/or color), 380 resolution lines. Dome type with 3.6 mm lens. Fabricated by AV-Tech.
    • Spy miniaturized camera with pin hole lens 3.6mm B/N.
    • CCTV camera, pin hole lens 3.7 mm, B/N, includes 6 iluminadores for night vision, 450 resolution lines. Fabricated by Line.
    • CCTV W/B and/or color unwired camera, 380 resolution lines.
    • W/B and/or color monitor 9-20".
    • Video switch from 4-12 cameras.
    • W/B and or color Quad divisor, simple screen and duplex.
    • Video Multiplexor from 4,8,16, W/B and/or color camera.
    • Video recorder with 48 to 980 hours capacity.
    • CCTV iris lens fixed from 4-16 min.
    • CCTV Auto iris lens, 4 - 16mm.
    • Rotatory monitor (Scanner).
    • CCTV accesory for instlalation.