• Our company is registered in the National Surveillance and Protection Camara (CANAVIPRO) since January 9, 1995 under the affiliation code N° 139.

  • The company is affiliated to the Internacional Security Association ASIS since 1997 and the Venezuelan Security Executives Association since 2.000.
    HALSECA is an organization built by a group of highly qualified people in private security, investigation services, consulting and general planification. We have as our final objective, to contribute with solutions in terms of security to the productivity sector of the country, protect people, their work and belongings, under an integral view that allow us to guarantee results and high quality solutions to our customers. We are in capacity to offer our management vision through continuous improvement and service optimization, bringing more security and protection to all companies and people who rely on us the responsibility of caring for its properties and belongings.

    Modern security concept is based on the interaction that must exist between human resource (security guard), electronic and protection systems (alarm, video, and perimeter infrared), mechanical systems and intelligence models (investigations). In order to achieve security service optimization we must put together all possible methods, increasing general protection levels. Combining and integrating all the resources will make possible the protection systems optimization required. Halseca is a company specialized in design and execution of this kind of integrated systems.

    On this context, HALSECA is considered a leader in this speciality, keeping up the strong edition of improving itself every day in quality services, protection and preservation of its clients belongings beyond any contractual relation.


    Ministerio de Relaciones Interiores authorized our company to give private surveillance and property protection services included in Art. 2º Literal A from Reglamento de Servicios de vigilancia, protección e investigación by Resolución Nº. 643 and Ministerio de la Defensa by control number VP 406 from date December 2 1993.